Absolutely (permanent cosmetic tattoo)
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   No one gets a tattoo with the expectation that one day it will be something they want to remove. Sometimes a poorly done tattoo or permanent makeup, just needs to be removed. Other times, circumstances change and the tattoo no longer fits.     

      Why I must choose this process?

  Less treatments are needed to remove any tattoo or Permanent Makeup.

  The cost is less than Laser treatments. 

  There is less pain than laser.

  Better removal than LASER.

  Removes almost every color. LASER will not remove Greens, blues, yellows.

  This amazing procedure will even remove the black after the laser has messed it up.

  Faster healing time.

  The age, the color & the location of the tattoo fallowing how many treatments you will need. 

  The area will look swollen, raised and feel tender for a couple days. The treated area has to remain 100% dry until the scab forms and comes off on it's not pick at the area, this is how scars are formed.  

Will I see results?

   Yes, Most tattoos show some lighting and removal after one treatment. Generally with a couple treatments you will see significant results. We can generally remove your tattoo or permanent makeup tattoo in 50% to 75%, with less treatments than other methods. Other removals take a few sessions.   Tattoo ink and tattoo artists vary all over the world. There is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much and how deep the ink was put into your skin and skin types vary, so there is no guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results, if any. Unlike other tattoo removal methods, most colors can be removed.

Any complication?

   During a consultation, the individual situation of the client will be evaluated making sure they are a good candidate for this procedure, there is a slight risk of scarring, lighting or darkening of the skin.  Risks are always reduced with how well the after care instructions are followed.  With this tattoo removal system, there are no side effects and minimal down time for healing.

Treatment is painful?

   With the use of topical anesthetic both before and during the treatment, most clients experience little to no discomfort. Everyone’s pain tolerance varies.

There are no refunds. Results vary. No Guarantees.


    I will do my part in the removal process.  You, will have the hard part of making sure the removal area stays 100% DRY during the healing process.      The aftercare is 100% your BEST and the process will be successful.


Consult Required.

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